Thank you so much for spending so much time with me today and for speaking to the radiologist to help clarify my MRI report. I appreciate your kindness, professionalism and the care you have provided over the years.


My name is Veronica. My daughter's and I were in a very bad car accident in August. A day I will never forget. It was my god son's christening and we missed it. My youngest daughter was driving. I was sitting in the back with my dog. We were hit in the back and I must honestly say that God was with us that day more so than other days.

Anyway, my youngest daughter and I were both badly hurt. I was taken in the ambulance because I could not move. Got x-rays and was dismissed the same day. I was bruised all over, and my left side by my ribs and neck were the most affected. Both my daughter and I went to the Dr. Weisberg, Orthopedic surgeon. I found that I had broken ribs and that I have a herniated disk on my neck due to the accident. I was told that I needed physical therapy, so it began. I saw the physical therapist 3 times a week for both my injuries. Due to my neck injury and ribs, my hands, fingers, knee and toes, get numb and it is very painful. I continued with physical therapy for about 6 months until the no-fault independent insurance orthopedic discontinued my treatment because he felt that I did not need further treatment.

I continued with my life, everyday with pain both on my neck and my left side where my ribs were broken. I was told that I could see a Chiropractor, but I had reservations. I did not trust a Chiropractor to deal with my pain. I did not believe in their practice and I was adamant that they would not be able to help me. My lawyer kept on insisting that I go to one because my pain was so severe.

Well, I took the chance. I went on the internet and found Dr. Elliot Forman. I must say that this was one of the best decisions that I made in my entire life. I see Dr. Foreman 3 times a week and I hope and pray that the independent insurance Chiropractor does not discontinue my visits. I am still in pain, but with Dr. Forman it has become something that I could live with. He has helped me tremendously and still continues to make me feel better and better every time I see him. Dr. Forman is not only a great Chiropractor, he is also a very nice man that takes the time to talk to you and walk you through every single thing he does to make me feel better. I was not able to pick up my head without pain or move my neck without pain. Dr. Forman has done such a tremendous job, that now I can honestly say that my neck is not as bad as it was.

I believe with all my heart that seeing a Chiropractor is something that everyone should do, especially Dr. Forman. He is the most thorough doctor that I have come in contact with and also very caring.

My family laughs at me now because I am such a believer in Dr. Forman. The non-believer is now an advocate for Chiropractor practice.


One year ago this February I couldn't run. I went from running five to seven miles a day to hardly running at all. As a matter of fact, walking at a fast pace wasn't too comfortable either. Two chiropractors, active release therapy (ART) and almost a year later, I was recommended to Dr. Foreman by my parents, both of whom use him. I went in with very little hope that he could help. The other doctors had said my problem was with my piriformis muscle and treated me for a few months with absolutely no result. After my consultation with Dr. Forman, he evaluated my problem as more of a hip, joint problem. I saw him 2 to 3 times per week for about 2 months. I am now running 3 miles a day without pain. What an improvement! I hope to be back to my 5-7 miles soon.

Dr. Forman took the time to really work with me and correctly diagnose the reason behind my pain. He didn't get discouraged, even though I did, when during the first few visits, there was no relief. Instead he made it his goal to work harder. (I think he likes tough cases.) It is a pleasure to see someone who is so diligent and personable.

Furthermore, walking into his office is a joy rather than a bother. Rhonda is a delight to talk to and always friendly. You are always greeted when you walk in and never kept waiting for your appointment. What a difference from other doctor's. I highly recommend Dr. Forman. I guess parents do always know best.


For approximately one year, I had been suffering from Planter Fasciitis. During that time, I had 4 cortizone shots in the foot. I visited two Podiatrists, one Orthopedist and had Physical Therapy for my foot for a couple of months. All this and I was still in excruciating pain! I was told that the only answer was surgery.

I then decided to visit a Chiropractor. Naturally, I choose Dr. Forman, who I had used many years ago for a neck problem. I wasn't sure a Chiropractor would help with a foot problem. Was I mistaken!!

I do feel that he created a "miracle" that no one else was able to help me with for such a long time. I am finally able to walk without limping and I can now function and keep up with the lifestyle I was accustomed to. Thanks for your help Dr. Forman.


I would like to take a moment to tell you about my chiropractic experience with Dr. Forman. When I was young I fell down the stairs and injured the C5 and C6 vertebrae in my neck. Working food service my whole life, standing over the counter cutting and chopping really took a toll on my neck and back. My doctor sent me to Dr. Forman. Dr. Forman examined me and started treatment right away, after a few sessions with Dr. Forman I began to fell better. Dr. Forman made me comfortable, it was easy to come see him. In 2002 I was in a very serious car accident at work and was pretty banged up. Dr. Forman was very sensitive to my situation. As soon as I was able to get moving he started physical therapy and gentle adjustments, he made the healing process as painless as possible. Chiropractic care is a great natural way to go and my experience with Dr. Forman has been very rewarding. I have been a patient of Dr. Forman for 7 years. He is not only a professional but a good friend. I recommend him highly.


In the 1980's, I had a friend that was seeing a chiropractor for back care as well as general body maintenance. After experience consistent lower back pain myself, I decided to take my friend's advice to see a chiropractor. One of my co-workers had been seeing Dr. Elliot Forman for years and recommended him highly. I made an appointment in 1994. From the moment I met Dr. Forman, I was comfortable. He was professional, informative, realistic and personable. He made me fell as if I was the most important patient of his. He explained the basics of chiropractic care and was realistic in explaining that there may be some soreness with the first treatment until your body adjusts to the care and reaps the benefits. I was very lucky in that I felt reliefs from pain after the first treatment. I was instantly hooked. It has now been 13 years and I am still seeing Dr. Forman on a regular basis. Dr. Forman expanded his business into a full service facility including physical therapy, massage therapy, podiatry care, etc. Over the years, I have had issues that required additional treatments from the therapists. All have been very positive experiences.

Approximately two years ago, I found out that I do have a back problem - spinal stenosis. I have been told by a spinal surgeon that spinal stenosis does eventually require back surgery. I am hoping to avoid the surgery as long as possible. chiropractic care along with exercise has strengthened my core to the point that pain subsides after treatment. I don't feel it will be necessary to go for surgery at this point and hope to avoid it totally through proper care and exercise.

I would highly recommend anyone who wants life changing health care to make an appointment with Dr. Forman. You'll be surprised with the results that affect both your physical and mental being, giving you a happy and healthy lifestyle.


I am writing to express my heartfelt appreciation for all the help and personal care you provided me. Prior to being treated by you I had suffered for several years with severe neck pain and stiffness which greatly reduced my health and quality of life. The pain and stiffness impaired my ability to preform many physical activities. I had been treated by numerous other doctors and was given different medications and treatments which did not correct my problem. I was finally referred to you by my general care physician, who recommended you highly. I had never been to a chiropractor before seeing you and I was very anxious about having someone adjust my neck. I have to say that I was very impressed with how you handled my concerns. You explained in great detail my problem and how you were going to treat it. You gave me all the necessary information I needed to make an informed decision and you put me completely at ease. Shortly after receiving my first few treatments I began to see immediate results and feel much better. Since then I have made a complete recovery. My life has changed and I am grateful to you. I would definitely recommend your services to my friends and family should they ever need help. Than you again!

P.S. Thanks for your help with my knee. Without your help and concern I would never have run my first marathon at 47 years old.


I began seeing Dr. Forman on November 20, 2006. I was referred by my primary care physician after I complained to him of headaches, upper back pain and sever shoulder pain. My right shoulder was so incapacitated; I was barely using my right arm.

I was apprehensive about seeing a Chiropractor, as I had never seen one before, and was convinced that my problems could not be "cured" by a Chiropractor.

After a thorough exam and x-rays, Dr. Forman determined that after years of a sedentary desk job with constant, repetitive motion of my right arm, my shoulder and upper back were suffering from the effects of all that abuse. He began working on my back and shoulder. I was no initially comfortable with the adjustments and work he was doing; and in fact after not much relief after three weeks, I was going to stop my visits. I am so happy that I gave the treatments more of a chance.

By mid December I was feeling considerable improvements in my shoulder and my headaches were gone. It is now the end of January, and I can honestly say I feel like a new person. My posture has improved and my shoulder is moving normally again.

To be honest, the treatments were no always pleasant, but with Dr. Forman's care and constant encouragement, they were certainly bearable.

I would encourage anyone to give chiropractic, and in particular, Dr. Forman a chance. he is a man who loves what he does, and it certainly shows in his interaction with his patients. It is so good to feel good again.


With pleasure I will tell my "Dr. Forman" chiropractic story!

When I was about 35 years old I began having terrible headaches. I sought medical advice, took OTC medications, and resigned myself to years of suffering, just as my mother before me had done. My father suggested I see a chiropractor. I was skeptical and afraid; however, I found a chiropractor and saw him for treatment for a few years. Sadly, he passed away suddenly and I stopped having adjustments. During my treatments the pain subsided and I felt much better but I was afraid to try someone new so I stopped treatments for a few years.

Eventually the headaches began recurring and I found myself becoming addicted to Excedrin to alleviate the pain. I was taking four to six tablets a day. My stomach was upset and I still had headaches! A good friend of mine told me about a wonderful chiropractor her husband was seeing. A few phone calls later and I had my first appointment with Dr. Forman. Again I was afraid. These were my bones. What if he didn't know what he was doing? So many negative thoughts crossed my mind. Immediately Dr. Forman put me at ease. He listened to what my problems were and examined me. We had a consultation and he explained the course of treatment to me. His adjustments, to this day, have NEVER hurt me in any way. According to his plan of weekly adjustments in a few weeks I was feeling better. Eventually the headaches totally disappeared! I no longer needed unnecessary drugs! I could work and play pain free. My family could see the difference in me. I was generally a much happier person.

We agreed i should come in for regular "tune-ups" every so often and I did, for years. My visits were always comfortable and encouraging. Dr. Forman thought about me as a "whole person." He cared about me. He encouraged me to exercise, join a gym, walk, and eat right. He cared about my job and how the stress from it affected my life. He cared about my family, always remembering upcoming weddings and births. My husband became a patient of Dr. Forman as well as several coworkers.

Five years ago, at the age of 53, I was involved in a car accident. I hurt my back badly. The first thought I had was to see Dr. Forman. I was really afraid this time. Afraid maybe I would never be pain free. The pain was so bad, I could hardly walk. Three herniated discs and one bulging disc were to blame. Dr. Forman's honesty about the healing process and time it would take meant a great deal to me. Months later, following adjustments, physical therapy and massage therapy the majority of the pain was gone. I was able to resume life through the direction, guidance and skills of Dr. Forman.

Through the 15 plus years I have been a patient the staff, too, has been wonderful and caring. Although three years ago I moved thirty miles out to the North Fork I still come for my "tune-ups." I have never been turned away. There seems to always be a spot for me to be "fit in." I always feel special.

I feel I genuinely owe a great deal of my good health to Dr. Forman and I am so thankful to be able to tell him this today.


Hi, my name is Xavier and this is how I became a patient of Dr. Foreman's. I remember waking up one day with extreme back pain unsure of how it happened. From that day on I was laid out on my living room floor daily for at least two weeks. i visited my family physician within that time but the medication was not working. I had minimal movement, which I used to eat and use the restroom. I felt very disabled. After realizing this couldn't go on I searched my insurance book to find Dr. Elliot Foreman, Chiropractor. I did not have references for him I just picked him for convenience of location. After twice a week visits for two weeks and a diagnoses of two bulging disc, I was up and walking comfortably and back to work. This process of recovery was not an overnight success so I was still receiving physical therapy. The best part of my treatment is the 10 minutes of warm soothing electrical stimulation, which relaxes me and lets the treatment work better. I now visit Dr. Foreman once to twice a month for an adjustment and would recommend his services to anyone with back issues.


Recently, a large calcium deposit in my shoulder caused a sudden onset of intense, debilitating pain that totally immobilized my arm. Dr. Forman immediately addressed this condition with a range of chiropractic treatments and also referred me to an MD for other necessary medical intervention. As a result of this collaborative effort, I surprised everyone with an amazingly rapid recovery, regaining pain-free, full range of motion in a short period of time. During the worst, most acute phase, Dr. Forman was very accessible and flexible with scheduling in order to provide me with as much relief as possible.

I am so grateful to Dr. Forman for the expert, compassionate care he has provided to both my daughter and myself. He is a dedicated medical professional who practices a holistic, patient-centered approach to healing and optimal health.


I look forward to seeing Dr. Forman, who is a kind, caring, competent gentleman, who has his patients welfare uppermost in his mind. He gets pleasure from seeing success, and that is evident in his demeanor and the great big smile he wears. I consider him not only my chiropractor, but a friend I can turn to any time the need arises.

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