Dr. Noble's ProMassagers

Pro-Strength Massage in Clinics, Spas, and Homes

ProMassagers contain controls that can adjust the power and firmness of your massage; this means that you're able to choose your own massage firmness, from a gentle massage to an aggressive massage. An added plus is that our massagers do the work for you! ProMassagers provide all of the necessary force to give you the massage that you desire. This is achieved through pulsed acupressure, which drives energy deep into your muscles, rather than across the surface of the skin.

Deep Impact Massagers

ProMassagers has released four brand-new deep-tissue body massagers for 2017! These are able to be used in clinics, spas, athletic facilities, or personal residences. They are:

1) Full-size Clinic & Spa Doctor's Model
2) Compact, Portable Patient's Model
3) Tired Feet, Legs, & Back
4) Deep Tissue Massager for Horses

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