Don't Mask Back & Neck Pain and Discomfort; Treat It!

Chiropractic care and pain management in Hauppauge, NY

If you’ve recently sustained an injury or are experiencing back pain and neck pain, many medical specialists will prescribe narcotics or muscle relaxers and recommend you “take it easy” until your body heals itself. However drugs will only mask the pain and your body may not be able to correct some issues such as improper spinal alignment.

What if you could instantly reduce back and neck pain and speed up recovery?

At the Spine & Wellness Center of Smithtown, we specialize in treating pain and discomfort caused by sports injuries, strained muscles, improper alignments and more through chiropractic care and massage therapy. Our natural treatment methods have been practiced for thousands of years and are further enhanced by our holistic approach and modern technology.

Stop masking the pain and waiting for recovery. Start feeling your best, living your best by seeking chiropractic care and massage therapy in Hauppauge, New York at the Spine & Wellness Center of Smithtown. Our clients also come from the following locations:

  • Smithtown

  • Commack

  • Brentwood

  • Central Islip

  • Lake Grove

  • Nesconset

  • Ronkonkoma & Lake Ronkonkoma

Tried of living with back pain and neck pain?

Seek chiropractic adjustments in Hauppauge, NY for back and neck pain

Some over-the-counter medicines claim to reduce back pain up to 24 hours. If you find yourself reaching for the bottle of temporary relief every day, why not seek a better solution? A chiropractor will assess the cause of your pain and recommend quick, often very relaxing, chiropractic adjustments to treat the pain, not mask it for another day.

To speak with a local chiropractor in Hauppauge, NY, about treating and eliminating your back pain and neck pain, schedule your appointment at the Spine & Wellness Center of Smithtown. Our clients often travel from the surrounding areas of Smithtown, Commack, and Nesconset.

Could extremity pain be caused by back or neck issue?

Treat extremity pain with chiropractic care and massage therapy

The spine is a hub of nerves that affect nearly every part of your body. Slight injuries and misalignments in the back or neck can irritate these nerves and cause pain throughout the body, especially in the extremities. Trust our chiropractor to determine if an issue in your back or neck is the cause of pain in your arms or legs and then recommend the best solution to alleviate your discomfort.

If your pain is the result not of a back injury but of a muscle strain, we can treat your pain through effective massage therapy. Instead of continuing to live with your pain or waiting around for it to go away on its own, consider feeling your best and living your best now with chiropractic care and massage therapy at the Spine & Wellness Center of Smithtown.

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