I'm a 59 year old female who has been fighting the numbers on the scale as well as health issues for many years. I take medication for the following: Type 2 Diabetes, Hypothyroid, High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol.

During one of my visits with Dr. Forman, he mentioned his Chrysalis Programe. He was witnessing my health going down hill and felt the program was exactly what I needed. The program included a 12 week gym membership, with Dr. Forman as my personal trainer, nutritional information and recipes, vitamins, adjustments and Harold's famous massages.

Although the program was hard at first, Dr. Forman was right by my side encouraging me and saying "you can do it." I would have not been able to do this without him. The floor exercises became easier each week. I was walking on the treadmill for over 30 minutes and I really enjoyed working out on the array of weight machines.

Well, Dr. Forman was right. The benefits from the Chrysalis Program were unbelievable. I lost 10 lbs. and 14 inches (5" off my waist). My resting pulse went from 106 to 76 beats per minute. The most amazing results of the program showed up in my blood test. I was taken off 2 diabetic medications and no more cholesterol medication. While I was taking my cholesterol medication, I was having muscle pain in my lets and arms. I am happy to say that I no longer have these pains. My thyroid and blood pressure medications were lowered. I will also be saving hundreds of dollars in medical cost. I dropped 2 sizes, my skin looks healthier and my husband told me I look much younger.

My husband was so impressed with the results of this program that he decided to join the gym and follow Dr. Forman's nutritional advice.

I can't thank Dr. Forman enough for his guidance, compassion and constant motivation throughout the program. I highly recommend Dr. Forman's Chrysalis Program to all who want to take charge of their health and change their life forever.


In my life, it has been said that when one door closes another door opens, and that is where my store begins.

I started being treated by Dr. Forman in March of 2012, when Dr. Capuano transitioned his chiropractic practice to Dr. Forman due to medical reasons. After several treatments with Dr. Forman, he recommended that I would be the perfect candidate for his Chrysalis Program. I read the testimonials and was totally intrigued but did not commit at that point. Working full time, a mother of two, an 11 year old son, heavily involved in sports and a 16 year old daughter who was just beginning the college application process, I could not fathom the notion of taking time out to do something extra for me. Life went on that way for a while until the realization finally hit, how could I properly take care of the people I love if I am not taking care of myself.

In January of 2014, I signed up for the Chrysalis Program. Having no prior experienced with weight training or using a treadmill, I was very intimidated walking into MVP Fitness that first night. That being said, I became comfortable very quickly. Dr. Forman customizes a program geared to your individual skill level. When I began using the treadmill, I started at a speed of approximately 2.8, which was challenging for me. By the end of the program I was jogging on the treadmill at a speed of 6.5. One of the many positive takeaways that I received from this program was to not compare myself to others but to instead challenge and push myself, set goals and reach my potential.

When the program ended I truly missed it. The results were noticeable and were confirmed with Dr. Forman measured me. I lost pounds and inches and gained self-confidence and the concept that I can do anything I set my mind to.

So don't wait any longer, sign up for the Chrysalis Program. Open that new door to health and wellness. I promise you will NOT be disappointed.


The responsibilities of a demanding full-time job and taking care of my family constantly consumed my day, leaving little, to no "me time". years of putting myself last, not exercising and not eating right was taking its toll...I had gained weight slowly, but consistently year after year. I found I could no longer participate in physical activities I always enjoyed. My flexibility and stamina were on a spiral decline, and I no longer recognized the person in the mirror. Is that really me?

In December I was diagnosed with borderline Osteoporosis. Not wanting to take prescription drugs the rest of my life, I made a resolution to take better care of myself. It was my year and I intended to do something positive for me - for my health. Dr. Forman's Chrysalis program sounded exciting and was exactly what I was looking for! I made the commitment to myself and started the program in January.

I remember the very first class...we started off with several floor exercises. I was laughing at what Dr. Forman wanted us to do. I could hardly get up off the floor no less contort my body into the desired positions. However, over the weeks, the more the exercises were preformed, the more flexible I became and to my surprise, I was able to do them! Even my 11 year old was shocked at what mommy could do!

Dr. Forman is a wonderful, patient coach and motivator. He showed a real dedication to us and was just as excited about our transformations, as we were! In addition to the intense person training at the gym, Dr. Forman provided us with nutritional information, health-friendly recipes, vitamin supplementation, weekly Chiropractic adjustments (which helped my flexibility) and a series of fabulous massages by "magic hands" Harold.

My work out buddy, Danny, was also a great inspiration to me. i was amazed at what he could do and I admired his perseverance. He was always there for me, encouraging me and helping me as we traveled along our journey. It was fun making new friends while reaping the rewards of our hard work.

My personal quest was to weigh 139 lbs. at the end of the 12 week program> With a few more weeks to go, I'm confident I will make it. I only have 4 more lbs to go! I was wearing a "tight" size 14 and now my 12's are loose! By the summer I should be a size 10 - which I last wore a decade ago.

Dr. Forman's Chrysalis program is a wonderful, all inclusive program. Participating in this curriculum has proven to be the best investment I could have made for myself and my family. Not only do I feel better and look younger (what a plus!), I am now able to enjoy activities with my family instead of standing on the sidelines.

Dr. Forman and the Chrysalis program has taught me the tools I need to live a happier and healthier lifestyle. I recommend this program to anyone seeking the same.


Dr. Forman is so dedicated to helping other people that it makes me feel good to be able to give something back by writing this testimonial. I can't say enough about how this program has changed my life. In fact, I have already signed up for the next series of classes and I am so looking forward to continuing with the program.

When I first made the decision to join up, I didn't realize how making this commitment to my health could influence so many aspects of my life. In these last several weeks I have not only noticed that my clothes are fitting better, but I have increased my physical strength, I feel empowered, have lost weight and am more confident and happier. In fact, other people have told me that I seem more energized.

Dr. Forman is very supportive. He encourages you to be patient and he affirms that, if you do the work, the results will come. He is kind-hearted and caring, but can also be tough when required. He seems to instinctively know when you might have a little more in you and it's sucks a great feeling every time you raise the bar on what you thought your limits were. I have learned to be more positive and to believe in my potential because of the support and encouragement that I get from Dr. Forman. He is extremely knowledgeable and takes great care in ensuring everyone's safety, so there is always the sense that you are in good hands...In fact, I am always learning, not only about the mechanics of how to do the exercises, but also about myself. I am learning to be less rigid and hard on myself. One of the benefits of exercise is relieving stress, but it should never become an obsession that shifts you world out of balance. Dr. Forman has an expression that I will do my best to paraphrase: "He says he works out to live, he doesn't live to work out". I'd like to personally say also that he's interested in your well-being and being fit.

Even though Dr. Forman is highly intelligent about a diverse set of subjects, he is also very down-to-earth and has a great sense of humor which makes everything fun. His is very spiritual and gets so much pleasure out of hearing the good results that you've achieved which, in turn, makes you feel good and want to continue. He's always complimentary and supportive and he emphasizes that we should never underestimate the power of initiative and determination. As he recently quoted from Viktor E. Frankl, "When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves".

I've been trying to find a way to repay Dr. Forman for all that he has done for me and the best way that I can think of to do that is to encourage you to make the commitment that I have and to join the program. You will be glad you did. I am in my 60s and I feel better now that I have in years.


As we finish up our second session of Chrysalis, I would like to express my sincere thanks for the wonderful opportunity that you afforded me to experience a balanced approach to becoming physically fit...Your intensive program fit perfectly with my need to resume cardio exercise and learn how to weight train.

Through your kindness, coaching and gentle guidance, I am not on a path to attain my personal physical fitness goals. Although it had been recommended to me for years, I had never actually lifted weights in order to foster healthy posture and bones. Now, for the first time in my life I have met that challenge and am confident that with the skills and tools that you have offered, I am on a path to continue with the disciplined approach to health that you have taught us.

On a personal note, I am grateful to have had the opportunity to become acquainted with a professional who truly cares about the people he trains and the information that he is imparting. Your sharing of your insights, your experience and your approach to fitness was very motivating to me personally and to the whole group. You made it fun and you coaxed us to challenge ourselves as individuals. In short, you brought out the best in us.

Finally, I thank you for taking your time to teach and share your knowledge. You are truly a genuine and decent human being.


I'm Buzz, an eighty three year old, super satisfied, member of Dr. Forman's Chrysalis Program and would like to share my personal experiences with you.

First, a little background: I have suffered from arthritis in my lower back for the past twenty years. Six months ago, I was involved in an automobile accident, further injuring my back, causing even more pain and discomfort. I was unable to stand straight, was leaning forward about thirty degrees and could not walk more than fifty years. Enter Dr. Forman!

There are three segments to the basic program: cardiovascular, strength training, and a combination of yoga, tai-chi, stretching and balance. My program in each follows:


When I began training on the treadmill I could only do about one quarter of a mile in 15 to 20 minutes. The past two sessions, I was able to complete two miles in less than 34 minutes. My goal now is to get the time down to 30 minutes.

Strength Training:

There are ten different strength stations that I use in this part of the program. The first week I did five or six. I am now able to do all ten of these twice. I have also increased the weights and reps by about 25 to 30%.


This has been the most difficult area for me, but I am now able to complete about 90% of the exercises. I also stand straight and my balance has improved dramatically!

Additional Training:

I also do one chiropractic treatment and one professional massage per week. No "kinks" for this old guy! Bonus, I lost 3 inches off my waist and I am eight pounds lighter. Thank you Dr. Forman.