Are You Looking for a Local Chiropractor?

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Do you have pain in your back or neck that just won't go away? Thank your lucky stars for Spine & Wellness Center of Smithtown. Our expert chiropractors will inspect the issue and treat you at our office in Hauppauge, NY. Did you know that several factors can influence the severity of your back and neck pain? These can include:

Your age
Your level of activity
How much sleep you get
Your diet

Learn more about your spinal health from the professionals at Spine & Wellness Center of Smithtown. Call 631-265-2225 to speak with a chiropractor near you.

Our process

We want our patients to be more than just momentarily relieved. Our goals are to:

Decrease or eliminate your pain as quickly as possible
Restore normal function of your spine
Maintain your overall wellness

We typically schedule a few appointments over a three- to six-week period for clients with chronic pain. For clients with no pain, we suggest you come in a few times a year to maintain your overall wellness. Think of it like going to the dentist or getting your car's oil changed.

Protect your spinal health with regular visits to Spine & Wellness Center of Smithtown in Hauppauge, NY.